CURLSMITH Moisture Recipe Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash Moisturizing Cowash for all hair types 355 ml

128,99 lei

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Compared to most 2-in-1 shampoo products with moisturizing ingredients, this delicate cowash is a low-ingredient conditioner that cleanses the scalp of residue and other impurities without compromising hair hydration. Keeps hair hydrated, healthy, and tangle-free. Can be used for frequent washing, even daily.

Suitable for all hair types, but especially: medium-thick, dry hair, regardless of porosity. Also suitable for straight hair.


Moisturize the hair well and then distribute the product on the scalp and hair massaging gently but vigorously to remove impurities from the hair as well as possible. You can add more product to the length of the hair to handle the hair. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with water.

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