CURLSMITH Scalp Recipe Wash & Scrub Detox Pro-Biotic Sensitive Scalp Shampoo 237 ml

142,99 lei

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If your scalp is prone to peels and needs a strong detox then this is the product for you. The shampoo is formulated with cleansing agents that remove all residues and impurities that can cause these irritations on the scalp without compromising the natural balance. Contains micro-exfoliating particles that help detach the peels from the scalp without remaining in the hair. Contains apple cider vinegar that revitalizes the hair

Suitable for all hair types, even straight hair. Recommended for scalp prone to peels and unpleasant itching. For all types of porosity.


Apply on wet hair and massage a moderate amount on the scalp and massage gently but vigorously. Rinse well with water after.

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